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"Discover how to easily claim a HUGE portion of the $86,000,000 spent on eBay every day!"

Review: "The Insider Secrets Of An eBay Millionaire" by Derek Gehl and Brandon Dupsky

I've just finished devouring the brand-new "Insider Secrets Of An eBay Millionaire" by Brandon Dupsky and Derek Gehl, and I've got to tell you, it is by FAR the best system for making a life-changing income on eBay that I've come across!

Don't be embarrassed if you've never heard of self-made eBay millionaire Brandon Dupsky before. After all, he likes to fly "below the radar" (which gives him more time to focus on his booming eBay business!)

But what you should know about him is that he's just a regular guy who got his start on eBay by selling a few odd-and-ends he found in his basement...

... and since then, he's refined his techniques to the point where he made $8 MILLION this past year alone!

And what's really great is that Brandon has agreed to team up with Derek Gehl, the well-known Internet marketing expert who is responsible for over $40,000,000 in online sales!

... together, they can show you everything you need to know about profiting on eBay!

I'm talking about information like...

  • Where to find in-demand products that you can buy for cheap and resell for massive profits!

  • How to attract TONS of bids and make HUGE profits on every single auction you list!

  • How to CREATE stunning listings that grab the eyeballs of eager bidders!

  • How to easily rake in even MORE cash by establishing a glowing feedback rating!

  • How to eliminate 90% of all eBay headaches by setting up foolproof payment And shipping systems!

  • Techniques for driving 1,000s of qualified bidders to YOUR auction listings!

  • And much more!

And if you have an existing Internet business, they can show YOU how you can use your current business to tap into the 2,000,000 visitors who come to eBay every day!

I give this eBay profit system the highest rating possible!

It includes a huge 237-page guidebook PLUS over 4 solid hours of audio instruction on 4 CDs...

... and contains every tip, strategy, and secret there is for getting started on eBay today, earning your first profit by tomorrow -- and making a life changing income of potentially $100,000 or MORE in your first year!

Auction Tips

PLUS -- the live recorded conversations between Derek and Brandon are indispensable for explaining in detail the most powerful auction strategies that other eBay "Power Sellers" don't want you to know!

I strongly urge you to check out Brandon's eBay profit-generating system as soon as possible! Click here for a FREE preview.

For the very first time ever, Corey Rudl reveals a truckload of his most advanced
Internet profit secrets ... stuff he knows about making money on the Internet that
he never thought he'd share with anyone!

Corey Rudl - Accelerated Internet Wealth Video Series!

Corey Rudl

Corey Rudl, the "Internet Marketing Guru's Guru", ballooned his one-man basement operation into a $6.6 million Internet company -- on a shoestring budget ... using the same professional quality Marketing tools and services you can have as your own to automate your Online Business!

From the desk of:
Mike Merz
CEO - Internet Marketing For Newbies LLC
6:00 A.M. EST

Corey Rudl is considered by many to be the most successful Online Marketer of all time ...

"Many of you know Corey Rudl; he's everywhere on the Internet. What you don't know is how much he has influenced everything I do... the person I consider to be the ultimate Internet Marketing Master. I've worked with companies as big as ABC and PriceLine, as well as running my own powerful affiliate program... but I've never seen anything like Corey Rudl ...
Declan Dunn - Author of "Winning the Affiliate Game" & renowned Affiliate Marketing Expert

Below you'll find detailed descriptions and links to his current catalog of Internet Marketing products, most of which Corey Rudl actually uses himself to power his enormously profitable businesses ...

... don't you, and your Online ventures, deserve the same?

NEW! Download the PDF version of this site. (you'll need the free Adobe reader to view).

To your success,

Mike Merz
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Read my reviews of Corey Rudl's The Insider Secrets To Email Marketing, The Secrets To Their Success, and Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet.


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Corey Rudl "Insider Secrets" Course Free Trial!

I have some extremely exciting news that is going to give a limited number of my customers the opportunity to test-drive the SAME advanced strategies marketing guru Corey Rudl has personally used to grow his online businesses to over $7.6 Million in online sales each year and...

Take home Corey's #1 best-selling Internet marketing course FREE for 30 days and PROVE to yourself, once and for all, that he's NOT full of BS!

... Much to his accountant's horror, Corey's ready to give you the shirt off his back just so he can prove to his BIGGEST skeptics that his course gives absolutely anyone the ability to start, build, and grow an extremely profitable online business (even if you don't have a product to sell!).

He's actually giving away FREE 30-Day Trial copies of his "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" course, so that you can get a firsthand look at the 1,000+ pages of highly profitable Internet marketing strategies it reveals!

I'm talking about strategies like...

>> Step-by-step advice you can use to start your very own Internet business in as little as 48 hours!

>> How to build a top-selling web site... for less than $100!

>> Where to find hot products (in 20 minutes or LESS!) that you can start selling TODAY! These in-demand products will sell like hotcakes, no matter what your experience!

>> 100s of FREE and cheap online tools, resources, and software that you can use to automate your web site (and save you at least 35 hours every week)!

>> How to get #1 rankings in the search engines and get tons of FREE traffic from the "Big Guys" like Google!

>> Secrets to writing salescopy that increases sales by 400% (or MORE)!

>> Getting 1,000s of NEW visitors to your web site... FREE.

... and these are just a few of the coveted strategies you'll discover in this #1 best-selling course!

But you don't have to take my word for it!

Because Corey's going to let you take his course home FREE for 30 days, read it, test as many techniques as you like -- and convince yourself when his most profitable secrets dramatically increase your online sales, traffic, and profits!

However, I must WARN you: Since this opportunity involves a lot of risk for Corey, his accountant has insisted that he can only make the 30-day trial course available...

For the next 3 days only, OR to the next 500 people -- whichever comes first!

So I'd highly recommend that you visit...

Corey Rudl Insider Secrets Free Trial

... immediately, and take advantage of this special trial offer before his accountant pulls the plug.

All the best...


P.S. Remember: Corey's the one taking ALL the risk with this 30-Day FREE Trial Course. If you decide after 30 days of reviewing his 1,000+ page best-selling course that you don't want it, just send it back to him, no problem. He'll even let you keep the $798 in bonuses as "thanks" for checking it out.

Corey Rudl Insider Secrets Free Trial

See Corey Rudl Speak "Live" On Your TV!

If you own a television and a VCR or DVD player, then I highly recommend that you check out Corey Rudl's brand-new "Ultimate Seminar Videos"...

In 278 minutes, Corey walks you through some of his most profitable secrets for starting and growing an Internet business -- the same secrets he personally
uses to make over $7.6 million per year online!

PLUS, Corey gives you "live" examples of how other people are making $100,000+ per year with their web sites using his techniques -- so you can model their success, too!

Start Watching These Videos Right Away!

Corey Rudl Launches Desktop Marketer Pro!

Desktop Marketer Pro

Send messages directly to your customers' desktops ... without the hassles, frustrations, and wasted costs of e-mail!

While other marketers are hindered by the aggravations and falling response rates of e-mail marketing, you'll have a private one-on-one communication channel with your customers ... that completely excludes your competition.

Send professional-looking HTML messages that include graphics, animation, audio, and video!

Anything you can add to a web page can be sent to your subscribers as part of a "direct-to-desktop" message ... including Flash, Javascript, .wav files and more!

Grab your 90-Day Risk-Free Trial and recieve FOUR Super Bonuses ($468 value) that are yours to keep ... whether you decide to purchase or not.

Tell Me All About Corey's Desktop Marketer Pro!

Much success,

Mike Merz

"Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet - Version 2004"

Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet - Version 2004

I recently received this announcement from Corey Rudl, himself ...

I'm extremely excited to announce that I've *just* released the brand-new version of my #1 best-selling course: "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet — 2004."

... It took me and my team four long months to compile all of the research, test results, examples, and case studies, but it's finally DONE!

With over 1,000 pages, broken down into 10 easy-to-follow steps, with 61 comprehensive lessons, this course now gives you...

>> Step-by-step advice you can use to start your very own Internet business in as little as 48 hours!

>> How to build a top-selling web site... for less than $100! I don't care how small your budget is, I'll show you the cheapest ways to a web site that sells!

>> Where to find hot products (in 20 minutes or LESS!) that you can start selling TODAY! These in-demand products will sell like hot cakes, no matter what your experience!

>> 100's of FREE and cheap online tools, resources, and software that you can use to automate your web site (and save you at least 35 hours every week)!

>> How to get #1 rankings in the search engines and get tons of FREE traffic from the "Big Guys" like Google!

>> Secrets to writing sales copy that increases sales by 400% (or MORE)!

>> Get 1,000's of NEW visitors to your web site... for FREE!

... And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Unlike the typical home study course that you'll see sold online, the "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet — 2004" course consists of two 8 x 11" full-color covered three ring binders and 2 resource CD's that collectively contain 1,000+ pages of the exact information you need!

>Order now and receive 8 bonuses worth $957!<

Time sensitive update!
- only 150 bonus packages available.
- offer may be removed at any time.

- Click here to order my course right now with our Secure Server. Remember: If you're not thrilled with my strategies, just send the course back within the next year, pay nothing, and keep the $957.00 Super Bonus Package -- that's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide!

or ...

- Call toll-free at 1-800-595-9855 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and mention "publication number 33228" to get the discounted price with the free bonuses mentioned above.

Well, there it is ... straight from the horse's mouth! ;)

Pick up Corey's "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet — 2004", today ... and guarantee yourself the $957 in FREE bonuses!

Need More Info? Click Here!

Much success ,

Mike Merz

Stay on the cutting edge of anything and everything to do with Corey Rudl, including time sensitive special offers and freebies (like a no cost, no obligation, "Secrets To Their Success" trial membership, and a free copy of "The Insider's Quick-Start Guide To E-mail Promotions"), sign up for our free Corey Rudl Update ...

Free Corey Rudl Update!

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In this exclusive Private Web Site, members are given access to an archive of interviews with "Mom & Pop" type web site owners who are earning $100,000+ a year with their Internet businesses. Each month, members receive an e-mail, letting them know about two 100% brand new success stories that have been posted to the site.

Members walk away from each interview with an in-depth understanding of the secrets that have made each web site successful... and with a clear picture of how they can apply these same strategies and tools to build their own fortune.

As well, members are given the opportunity to enter a draw for a review of their web site or business plan by Corey and the IMC team (valued at $5,000), who dissect the site and offer tips and tricks that the web site owner can use to really accelerate their growth and sales.

Even if a member's site isn't chosen for a site review, however, they still get the benefit of seeing all of the profitable suggestions that Corey and the IMC team make because all reviews are also posted and archived within the Private Web Site.

*** Time Sensitive Offer! ***

Corey's offering a Secrets To Their Success free trial period, for a limited time ...

I don't know when this will be removed, so take him up on it ASAP!

Corey Rudl's 'The Secrets To Their Success' Free Trial!

The #1 best-selling Internet Marketing course online for more than 6 years running ...

Corey Rudl's "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet"

Learn from the best. The author of this course, Corey Rudl gets over 1.8 million visitors to his websites monthly, does 6.6 million dollars in sales online each year (yes, that is $6,600,000), and personally makes hundreds of thousands of dollars from his online businesses... all from his one small office. So listen to what he has to say as he knows what he is talking about when it comes to starting and promoting a business on the Internet.

Corey Rudl's Insider Secrets Course

DOUBLE your opt-in subscriptions -- automatically!

Corey Rudl's "My Email Manager"

... is a revolutionary email marketing and management solution that provides users with everything they need to set up, manage, and send their email promotions. The system also includes tools and features (like newsletter and promotional mailing templates) designed to help even newbies become overnight experts at email marketing ...

Corey Rudl's MyEmailManager

Learn how to track every banner, every link, every purchase - find out which ads and promotions are making you money, and which ones aren’t. Keep the profitable ads, and stop the non-profitable ones.

AssocTRAC allows you to track all of your promotions with the push of a button and know within minutes which ads are profitable and which ones aren’t.

Corey Rudl's AssocTRAC

Corey Rudl's eBook Pro

With eBook Pro, you can package your text, HTML, Flash, audio/video etc. into secure eBook software that not only protects, but also collects contact information you can use to market your products or service, too!

Corey Rudl's eBookPro

Corey Rudl's Mailloop 6.0

Automate 60-85% of your email marketing tasks like:

* Sending e-mail promotions
* Mailing your weekly newsletter or e-zine
* Answering common customer questions
* Managing your subscriptions
* Plus a lot more...

Mailloop 6.0 is one of the most complete e-mail management solutions available ... Corey Rudl's Mailloop.

Want to find out how other successful entrepreneurs are driving traffic to their web sites for the rest of their lives -- for FREE? Click here to learn more.

Read an exclusive interview with Corey, here!
(click here to view the PDF version)

Turn 100 Visitors A Day
$3,500 Per Day In Profits...

Get the inside scoop on a site that's making $3,500 a day with only 100 visitors per day, selling a product that costs less than $150! That's over $1,277,500 a year in profits!

This totally brilliant marketing strategy has proven that the small business owner can earn huge profits consistently! And it's blown the gimmicky theories of those "so-called" marketing experts right out of the water!

Click here now to learn the secret...

E-mail Marketing Case Study:

"Corey Rudl reveals the exact step-by-step strategies he used to earn $213,705 and generate 41,409 new subscribers... in the last 30 days alone!"

Click here now to read this study...

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